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Newell Foundationj
Question for the Lawyers, could we incorporate as the Newell Foundation and start a foundation, with the mission of providing scholarshops for our college students. We could have a mission of...
Last Post: Jul 3rd 2012
Author: dnparker
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I was wondering if we should collect all of the obuitaries of our past love ones and put them on line, This is a way of recording our story. If we don't want to put them in as obituaries, they...
Last Post: Jul 3rd 2012
Author: dnparker
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Looking Good!
Hey family, it's been awhile since I've been on the site. I just want to say that it looks outstanding. Let's spread the word and continue to access the site so we can stay in touch. I know many may...
Last Post: May 11th 2010
Author: tray
# of posts: 2
Newell Family Reunion Cookbook keepsake
Jan. 28, 2010

Hello Family! First of all, I want to wish everyone a happy, blessed, healthy, and prosperous New Year!!! As you know the Newell Family Reunion, Erie,PA....
Last Post: Jan 28th 2010
Author: Irma
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Friday Nite Life
Those of you who are familiar with DC. Are there particular clubs that you want to go to.
Maybe we can get some passes for you all
Last Post: May 23rd 2006
Author: HazelLynn
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