Robert and Hazel Newell
Robert and Hazel Newell

Robert  Newell and Hazel Lindsey

Robert Newell, born  June 19, 1895 was the son of Lum Newell and Lelia Mcdonald who were married  in 1891.  He  was the second of four children; Anna b.1893 , Lum b. 1898 and Luella b. 1901.  Hazel Lindsey was born March 9, 1897  to Guyser Lindsey and Fannie Hosey who were married in 1894. She was the  second  of  nine childen; Mary Ann b.1895, Rizell b. 1899, Francis b.1901, Candice b.1902, Georgetta b. 1904 Walter b. 1905, Ezell b.1908 and Idell b. 1911 (who currently lives in Louin,
Robert and Hazell as her name was originally recorded were married in December of 1917. To this marriage was born fourteen children. There was a set of twin girls- one was still born and one died shortly after birth. The remainder of the family consisited of eight girls and four boys.
The eldest daughter Lavern who was born October 29, 1918. The eldest son Willie Fank was born December 28, 1919. Leanna was born February 9, 1922, Drucilla  was born March 25,1923, Arby  was born October 11, 1925, Curtis was born May 10, 1926, Fannie May  was born February 12, 1928 Samatha was born June 22, 1929, Rosie Mae, was born December11, 1932, Lum  wasborn Februry 10, 1933, Alice born January 8, 1936, and Hazel born May 9, 1938.
Robert and Hazel lived in Moss, Jasper County, Mississippi.  Granddaddy Rob adn Big Mama lived in a white house on a farm. There was a porch with swing, four rooms with double beds, a piano and a out-house with two stalls. Grandaddy raised hogs, cows and chickens and  two mules named Pearl and Ada.
Grandaddy was softspoken with a sense of humor and Big Mama was lovingly stern.
Granddaddy passed away on March 27, 1973  Big Mama left Mississippi and moved to Pennsylvania to live with her youngest daughter, Hazel.  Big Mama's chidren visited regularly almost every weekend and this was the beginning of the family reunions. Big Mama passed away on January 22, 1978.  The family promised to continue to get together regularly. Our first official reunion was held in Cleveland Ohio in 1981. Here we are 25 years and 5 generation later continuing to enlarge our territory. We all have special memories of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents; share them and write them down.  See you in 2006